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Dusk is an odd time, isn’t it? The birth of night, where city lamps ignite one by one, where every object takes on a blueish tone. Where the puddles in the city streets reflect the lights off of passing cars and busses. And at such an odd time, and on such an unassuming day, anything can happen.

A long rainy spell had hit the heart of London, for days it rained constantly without a break. There was no way of escaping it, there was only one option and that was to brave the steady downpour. Which Rose had halfway completed, she was almost home, she could almost taste the cuppa tea that was waiting for her at home!

Rose had the unfortunate luck of not having a ride home, she had to walk all the way there in her most expensive and by this point, painful heels. To say that she wasn’t having a good time of it was a gross underestimate. Without realizing it, Rose had run straight into a man carrying an umbrella!

“I’m so sorry…I’ll try to be more-”

And with one look at the man’s face, changed her world forever. How could? When did? Could this? And other such questions had rushed into her head, there he was, standing in front her looking like he had seen a ghost.

“Rose is that really you?”

Rose nearly broke down in tears, his voice…His beautiful, silky smooth, northern accent…The voice of the man she met so long ago, made her insides melt…The Doctor dropped his umbrella on the pavement, rain beginning to soak his blazer. Rose stumbled forward as his hand held onto hers, Rose bit down hard onto her bottom lip, it felt so right. 

“I know…I know…” The Doctor sighed. He couldn’t comprehend how hard this next part had to be, it was ripping him apart, piece by piece. Rose looked down at her feet, she couldn’t bear to look into his simply stunning pair of blue eyes.

“I know everything that has happened, that this isn’t your world. That you’re with your father, and that…And that you’re with another…Another incarnation of myself.” The Doctor choked. Those last words hurt him more than anything else, the fact that he was no longer the one who had the honour of being by Rose’s side. He had accepted that long ago when he saw a picture of them together in the papers, the smile on Rose’s face, her adoring expression…It damned near killed him.

“It’s…It’s good to see you doing so well, and in the end that’s all that counts. Rose, you’ve fulfilled my greatest wish.” The Doctor smiled. Rose let out a small sob, tears falling freely from her eyes. Rose looked up at him with tears staining her face, the throbbing ache in her throat growing in intensity.

“And what wish was that?” Rose asked.

“To live a fantastic life…” The Doctor smiled. The Doctor brought Rose into his arms and lovingly brushed away her tears. He had intended to stop it there, that this was the only joy he was allowed to have with Rose, but no…It had started when Rose had kissed him tenderly on his cheek, and then again, and again. Somehow, they had ended up holding onto each other for dear life and sharing the same air.

Rose ran her fingers through his hair, her hands slipping downwards to rest behind his ears, launching them into an all consuming and blazing kiss. The Doctor didn’t resist, didn’t want to, the thought never even entered into his head. He revelled in every sweet second, knowing that this would only be a one time thing. So he took his sweet time, to him, there was nothing else but this.

By the time they were through, they were gasping for air. The rain had chilled them to the bone, the Doctor gathered Rose into his arms and murmured into her hair

“Where do we go from here..?”

Rose could only muster up an “I don’t know yet…” as a response.

It’s a funny old world isn’t it? Just when you think you’ve cracked it, it gives you a riddle that seems impossible to solve…

Rose continued to stare long and hard at the piece of paper in her hand, her foot sounded like it was tapping out morse code by the way it tapped restlessly on the tiled floor. She had felt sick all day, her stomach roiled painfully inside of her, never had she felt more conflicted. Rose shook her head around, tearing her eyes away from it, and stuffed the blasted piece of paper inside of her pocket.

Rose rested her elbows against the table, inch by inch, she slid down until her flushed face was cooled by the cold surface of the marble table. Her blonde hair veiled over her puffy eyes, she had been secretly crying all morning. Throughout the entireity of the morning, he was unaware that anything was wrong, unaware that at the inside of her core there was a battle being waged between her logic and her instincts.

He really could be blind sometimes…

For the first time, a strange sort of bitterness set in, which had certainly shocked her. Sometimes, it was like that, sometimes she had to coax some sort of reaction out of him whenever she was upset. Sometimes…Sometimes it felt like he wasn’t even there when she was talking to him, or maybe she was imagining it, trying to find excuses to run away from what life had handed her now.

Rose’s mind slipped into remembering the end of last night’s conversation…

“Here’s my number and address if you ever feel like contactin’ me. Just lettin’ you know that I’m now here in the city, you can come by anytime you need to.”

The Doctor left her standing there in the pouring rain, the ball was now in her court, all of this was up to her now. There was a part of her, a nineteen year old part of her that wanted to dash after him. That wanted to embrace him tightly and never let go, that wanted to go get chips with him back when things seemed simpler.

But this was the here and now, she had grown up and had matured. She couldn’t just swan off and say “screw it all” like she had done when she first met him, things had changed. But then again, things had changed once more. Now, now there were two of them…She had no idea what to call them now, they were both the Doctor, but they were so different from each other…

Rose pushed herself away from her table, she needed some fresh air, she needed to get out of their apartment. She was being suffocated by the heavy atmosphere, she grabbed her coat and walked out into the hallway. With a stabbing pain to her heart, she saw the Doctor flirting shamelessly with one of their neighbours, and for the first time it had hit her.

The bitterness had come from watching his cureless habit of casual and sometimes almost hurtful flirting with other women. She gritted her teeth, and stormed away in anger before he had the chance to see her. Rose dashed out onto the street in a huff, not giving a damn how people were staring at her silently muttering out several curse words at once.

“If he wants to act like I’m not here, than so be it! Let him flirt with whoever he wants!” Rose cursed. So many revelations had suddenly entered her mind at once…Everyday since he had regenerated, she had been playing catch up with him and she tried, oh lord did she ever try to catch up to him…But yet again, he had made it impossible to do so. All of the bending, all of the work in their relationship was made by her. To put it bluntly, Rose was plum tired of doing it.

The only time she ever felt in step with him, was when…Was when…Rose rushed to find the piece of paper in her pocket, she looked down at it and for the first time today, a genuine smile grew on her face. Rose hailed a taxi with a wave of her hand and directed him towards his new place…

The Doctor had settled into a fairly large flat in London, it wasn’t the TARDIS, but nothing could ever be like the TARDIS. The first thing he realized was that linear time was something that his mind couldn’t quite grasp, but he could get used to it if Rose were here with him. Although, it was always her choice, he never wanted to force her into anything.

He made his case, his part was done. It was the only thing he could do, now he had to play the agonizing waiting game. If Rose was genuinely happy, then there was nothing he could do to persuade her, that was Rose’s way. Rose’s strong will was so admirable, it was just one of the many qualities she possessed that had him stumbling over himself over how much he loved her, and did he ever love her.

His ears had picked up the sound of a fist knocking urgently on his door, with his trademark eye roll, he got up from his couch and went to answer it. He opened the door to find an out of breath Rose Tyler, and his eyes widened in shock.

“Doctor…Can I stay with you tonight?” Rose asked.

And that was all it took for him to gather her up into his arms and to kiss her without any reservations. Rose gripped tightly onto his jumper, her heart flying in her chest. With a few wobbly strides backwards, they tumbled onto his couch, lips barely leaving each others.

Passion had won the war inside of Rose, and that passion was taking them both to a place they had never gone before. Rose took the time to map out his features as she stroked his body, his beautifully lean body felt like it fit perfectly with her curves. His chiseled jawline, the way his pronounced nose brushed up against her neck, the way his elegant hands caressed her hips…And most of all, the way his ice blue eyes gazed down at her with such overwhelming tenderness that it nearly broke her heart.

This is where Rose wanted to be, this is what she had missed the most.

He had come back, her Doctor had come back to her.

People sometimes heavily underestimate the strength of their instincts, that sometimes instinct is wiser than their logic…

Last night was a blur, between the time they fallen on his couch to the time where they had practically ripped their clothes to shreds off their bodies, was a glorious and colourful smear on canvas…

Rose had never known such incredible fulfillment, she had never felt so much passion all at once. It was like stars had erupted inside of her body, she could practically taste them on her tongue.


The Doctor had used every possible way that he knew of to show his dedication and love and painted it all over Rose’s body. There were moments where he felt like crying in ecstasy, where he felt that he might succumb under such euphoria. Every dip and contour of her curves, every miniscule movement she made was something he coveted.


The Doctor drove Rose to such pleasurable heights that she never wanted to come down again, she never wanted to leave this place, ever. Their hot bodies covered in a sheen of sweat as their primal love making endured well into the night. Their arms and legs holding on to each other for dear life as waves of deep sexual satisfaction crashed over them. Intense and passionate vows of love flooded out from their lips, emotions running as thick as oil…

“Rose! Did you hear me, I asked you what would you like on your pancakes.”

The Doctor’s voice shook Rose out of her reverie, making her jump in her seat! The Doctor chuckled despite himself, Rose couldn’t help but join in with him.

“I’m sorry, I keep thinkin’ about what happened last night…Can’t really blame me can ya? I’ve never been made love to like that, that was something else…I mean, I can’t even find a word to-“

“Fantastic? Fantastic is a word I would use.” The Doctor added an interjection.

“Hmm…Yes, I think fantastic is rather on point…” Rose sighed. Her body felt sore all over, it had been ages since she was worked that hard, but she enjoyed every single fraction of a second of it. With a bit of a shove, she hopped off her chair and cuddled in close to him, taking in the pleasant scent of his freshly showered body.

“Mmm, those pancakes look really good…You’ve really gone completely domestic, never thought I would see you makin’ pancakes of all things…” Rose giggled. The Doctor closed his eyes, taking in the wonderful sound of Rose’s soft voice, so pure in tone and inflection. His eyes gazed down to hers, he felt like his legs would fall apart like a house of cards in the wake of what her warm stare did to him.

“Well, I had to learn how to live like a human and found out that your day to day rituals aren’t as horrific as I thought they would be. I’ve become rather skilled in microwave cookery.” The Doctor bragged. Rose burst into fits of laughter with her hand grabbing his shoulder for support. Rose snuggled up to him as close as she could, smiling from ear to ear over him grabbing her hip in an almost possessive manner.

“Well, I think these pancakes are ready for their debut, time to tuck in!” The Doctor grinned.

The pancakes were heavenly, like fluffy clouds that melted in her mouth. Rose had never felt more at home, and had never felt more at peace with things. With a couple more mouthfuls of heaven chased down with some tea, Rose had to ask him

“What have you been doin’ with yourself all of this time?” Rose asked. The Doctor walked over to his coffee table and picked up a fairly large and thick book on the universe. Rose looked down at it and guessed right away that he had become an astronomer.

“So, you take a look up at the stars…Have you discovered anything?” Rose inquired. The Doctor took her hands in his, looking at her with his timeless and ageless eyes. His penetrating stare reached deep inside of Rose, suddenly the atmosphere had become very heavy.

“Do you want to see it for yourself?”

“I do…Take me with you Doctor.”

“Then let me take you to the stars…”

Date: 2012-03-31 06:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] bloose09.livejournal.com
I really liked the way you set the scene right from the beginning:
Dusk is an odd time, isn’t it? The birth of night, where city lamps ignite one by one, where every object takes on a blueish tone. Where the puddles in the city streets reflect the lights off of passing cars and busses. And at such an odd time, and on such an unassuming day, anything can happen.

I can't imagine how difficult it would have been for the Doctor to see Rose in a relationship with another version of himself. As long as she was happy though, I am sure he would not interfere. I like your 'meet cute' scene. The Doctor would never pressure her to choose.

Your love scene between the Doctor and Rose was pretty hot. I liked this part the best:
Last night was a blur, between the time they fallen on his couch to the time where they had practically ripped their clothes to shreds off their bodies, was a glorious and colour smear on canvas…

I chuckled a bit at the image of the Doctor making Rose pancakes. I am sure domestics with Rose would be more like a dream come true for this weary, lonely Time Lord.

Date: 2012-03-31 06:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] fogsblue.livejournal.com
This was wonderful. You create such a gorgeous scene and the idea of the (maybe not quite so) random meeting was just right.

I think you've definitely got Nine just right, his main concern was always just that Rose is happy. Even if it wasn't with him. Probably part of what made Rose love him so damn much.

And I'm with bloose, the image of him making pancakes was rather adorable :)


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