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Title - Mist and Fog

Type - Original Story

Genre - Supernatural/Fantasy/Romance

Rating - NC-17

Summary - Maria Sloane wakes up after her night of extreme passion, will Nytherian be there when she wakes up, or will he be nothing more than a wishful dream?

Maria felt extremely heavy, last night must have been a dream. She must of dreamed up the man who dove into her tub, her sexual frustration must of hit such a high that she started to see things and feel things that were not there. I mean, it seemed so...It sounded like something from a kitschy harlequin romance! Something must of been in the water cooler at work, that had to be it. Maria let out a frustrated groan, followed by a soft moan...And then another. Reluctantly, Maria awoke to find Nytherian suckling on her breast. He wasn't a dream, he didn't vanish without a trace. The tip of his tongue flicked across her breast with his mouth suckling softly. Maria simply watched him, not wanting him to stop. He looked so vulnerable, a stark contrast to last night where he was growling and snarling. Here, he was so simple minded in his suckling.

"Morning, my Maria..." Nytherian murmured. She wondered if all demons like him had accents, or was it just him? Hmm, "his" Maria, huh? She shouldn't be so surprised hearing that, after last night, he must of staked his claim. She wasn't in the mood to be owned or carted around, she saw how business deals were managed and she didn't want to be a "deal". Last night and this morning was all that he was getting, not that she wasn't happy with what she recieved. She enjoyed herself far too much last night, feeling that completely satisfied was something she hadn't felt...Well, ever to be be perfectly honest. It had only been a year or two since her virginity so to speak, was taken from her. Her ex boyfriend, what a gigantic tool he was! He broke up with her two weeks after she gave himself away to him, but in way, she was glad. She saw him for what he really was, a sociopathic asshole. Hell, maybe a demon would be an improvement after him!

"Nytherian...?" Maria piped up. Nytherian released her breast from his mouth with a soft pop, he gazed up at her and gave her a flash of his grin. Maria found herself faltering, his smile was so charming and somewhat boyish it its charm. She found herself stroking his hair, becoming hypnotised by how calm he made her feel. Ugh, this must be his charm working on her. Maria cleared her throat and tried to push him off her body.

"Did I do something that was not to your liking Maria?" Nytherian inquired. Nytherian reached for her hand, and  firmly rubbed the inside of her palm with his thumb. Maria shook her head in silence and took in a deep breath before she spoke

"So...Are you done here yet? Don't you have other conquests to seek out and work your particular brand of magic over? I mean, you did admit you're a demon...Wait, why did you reveal yourself to me? Isn't something like that considered breaking some kind of rule or what?" Maria's questions all came flooding out at once. She was sure that this would be the time where her curiosity would certainly kill her, for suddenly the danger of who she had gotten involved with became the most prominent thought in her head. Nytherian pondered all of her inquiries carefully, not wanting to keep Maria in the dark.

"I'm done here when you feel like my presense has become unnecessary, when that time comes I'll move on. That's how it works, I don't leave until you are satisfied. So clearly, you don't want me to leave. Otherwise, I would have faded into fog and breezed out the door. I usually reveal myself to all of the women who I have bedded. And before you ask, no, demons can't catch STD's and the like. Also, I can't get you pregnant. I'm rather efficient that way. Anyway, back to revealing myself. When our time is through, your memories of me will vanish into mist. The only thing that remains is the deep satisfaction that comes with what I can offer you."

The light in Maria's eyes half went out when he said the words 'vanish into mist', there was a small part of her that had become attached to her demon. Nytherian was fascinating, a man who could turn into fog and knew exactly what buttons to press in order to make her feel oh so good.

"So, what do we do in the meantime?" Maria asked.

"We do what I do best...Let me please you until ready to let me go..."

And with that, they were off again for another passionate round of sex.


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