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Well, hello and welcome people to Key to the Door. Well may as well tell you what this blog is about, well, from the side bar you can easily see that I'm a Whovian. Most notably a fan of the Ninth Doctor played by the absolutely fantastic Christopher Eccleston, and most notably a fan of Rose Tyler played by the gorgeous Billie Piper!

Well, may as well tell you how I became a Whovian, it started almost a year ago. I finally gave in and watched Doctor Who. So many people on the internet referenced this series, my favourite late night talk show host was a fan of the series, and one of my favourite internet reviewers was a fan of the series. So I had to check it out, so I watched the episode Rose and I never looked back.

I slowly became enthralled with Christopher Eccleston, he has quickly become one of my favourite actors, and on the flipside Billie Piper has become one of my favourite actresses as well!

In this blog, you're going to see fanfiction, graphics, sometimes I'll be venting and when that happens...Expect a lot of passion! Also, I'll try to keep up with the latest Eccleston and Piper news, and my own personal reviews of their roles!

I've never known what to blog about on Livejournal, so it's awesome to finally have a subject matter! So in your hands, you hold the Key to the Door!


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