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The Doctor, really couldn't fathom his rematerialization in Pete's World, the very last thing he remembered was the overwhelming pain from the effects of the time vortex ripping apart the cells of his body. It was strange, very strange that his life had insurance on it, and what made it all the more odd was that there was another version of himself out there in time and space. All in all, it really didn't matter that much, for he was very pleased that he had arrived in a world where Rose Tyler still existed.

It was quite a wonderous thing to wake up with the ageless sun, feeling the birth of another friday and gazing down at who to him, was considered the most stunning creature he had ever seen in his very long years. Golden locks, disheveled from deep slumber, forming a velvety soft halo around her cherub face. Her heavenly body soft and smooth like silk up against his chest...Brown eyes, made golden by the bright sunlight gracing the irides of her eyes. A smile, so pure and clean on her features, framed by a pair of delicate pink lips. Oh, oh, how he relished the miracle of being so intimate, the feeling of being so close that he could hear the gentle waves her humid breath made on his neck...

He really thought that would be the extent of their intimacy, with nothing to hinder their lingering and time precious hand holding. No, not at all, for what shocked him the most was how something deeply within him was sending shockwaves through his brain. It was frightening sometimes, he didn't think that his brain synapses were hardwired for how his body was reacting to Rose Tyler. When they traveled together, he tried to supress this feeling, this feeling that had the potential to create a chemical explosion that could only end in disaster.

Now everytime he looked at her, time slowed to an agonizing crawl, his hearts would create a violent rhythm, leaving him staggered where he stood. When he looked in the mirror, his pupils almost fully eclipsed his irides with how dilated they had become; he looked almost demonic. The Doctor hoped on all things good and decent in the galaxy that Rose hadn't seen the pathetically indecent way he was looking at her, although, the way Rose behaved around him had also changed. He remembered when they had an awful row in her kitchen, both of them near the peak of their voices, it had resulted in Rose planting her lips onto his!

It only got more impossibly intense during her father's gala, the way Rose flirted shamelessly with him at their table. Wearing a closely fit light purple dress that brought out her naturally curvy hips, her breasts filled out the top of the dress wonderfully, looking perfectly rounded. The fabric, a thin, almost dangerously transparent silk made it impossible for him to keep lying to himself in how utterly and desperately lost he was in her presense. He had no idea how in the grand scheme of things, he had come into contact with such an absolutely fantastic woman like Rose, but he was determined to honour Rose giving him a second chance at things.

And again, as the night went on, the shameless flirting between the two of them became more and more real. Then suddenly, like a wild animal freed from its cage, the two of them made a mad dash towards the lift; making up a false distress signal so that their leaving would be less conspicuous. As soon as the lift doors closed in front of their eyes, The Doctor pressed Rose up against the back of the lift, blue eyes scanning her body completely, he made no hesitation in craning his head downward to place his lips on hers. Rose moaned loudly into the sinfully delicious kiss, the Doctor tasted so good. His breath sweetened by the passionfruit sorbet, white wine, and a taste that was so uniquely his.

He thought that the fire between them could never be smothered, until that most unpleasant interruption from a man who got onto the lift with them, who basically threw a bucket of ice cold water on top of him! He had to explain to Rose that he wasn't in the mood, and the look of disappointment on her face damned near killed him. He cursed at the unfortunate circumstance, he had finally started to accept that he was feeling sexually attracted to Rose, he felt like he was finally ready on that night but life had so cruelly intervened. The Doctor resigned to his fate that he may have lost his only chance to give Rose what she wanted, a true feeling of sexual intimacy between the two of them. That was his way of thinking...

Until today.

The Doctor was working on the circuits of the TARDIS, when all of a sudden, his finely tuned ears picked up the sound of Rose calling for help. The Doctor rushed towards her room, fearing what sort of creature could have possibly gotten into the TARDIS without his knowledge and what it was doing to Rose. His feet pounded on the metallic floors as he sprinted like a man possessed throughout the corridors, he turned sharply around the corner and...There stood Rose, in all of her glory, not a inch of fabric to block his view of her body. He stood there, speechless, trying in vain to catch his breath.

"Doctor?" Rose called out. Her voice thick with desire, he could see that her body was slightly wavering as she stood, a tell tale sign that she was nervous of him rejecting her. That wasn't going to happen tonight, no, not at all, the Doctor inched closer to her, his hearts pounding away. Not because of how fast he had travelled to get here, but out of anticipation, he was kind of anxious himself. He had read books on human sexuality out of morbid curiosity, but he had never participated in it, he hoped that he would walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

"Last night, we lost the chance to, but I can't keep holding all of these feelin's anymore. I know that you think that it might be a little dodgy, having sex with a human, but I'll walk you through it if you need me to..."

And with that, the Doctor shrugged his leather jacket off his body, making a moderately large thud as it impacted the wooden floors. The Doctor lifted his jumper over his head, gathering it up in his hands, with each layer of clothing he subtracted from himself, the more anxious he became. What if he disappointed Rose, what if he wasn't good enough for her, what if she realized this moment that he was too old for her? So many what if's suddenly bombarded what confidence he had. With his body completely bare, his eyes fell to the floor. He looked up, dreading to see Rose's face.

"Doctor, you don't have to be so nervous, lay down on my bed..." Rose said softly. The Doctor sat down cautiously on Rose's bed, and then fell back on the fluffy mattress. Rose walked over to the side of her bed, she opened up her drawer, and pulled out a square shaped piece of plastic packaging. The Doctor watched as Rose tore open the package and pulled out a condom, The Doctor swallowed roughly and let out a slight whimper as Rose eased the condom down his penis. The Doctor felt a collection of small shivers go up his body, followed by a sudden heat that he had not anticipated.

Rose didn't want to make this experience tough for the Doctor, she wanted him to be as relaxed as possible, going all out, was not such a good idea. Rose wrapped a hand around his penis and ever so gently both squeezed and pulled, the Doctor sucked in his breath and started to tremble by the sheer amount of pleasure he felt. Physical intimacy was much more completely visceral an experience, he moaned out in rapturous ecstasy, his penis standing very much erect. The more he got used to recieving this completely pleasant feeling, the more he craved Rose herself, he groaned out deeply

"Rose...I think I'm ready..."

And with that, Rose immediately stopped stroking his penis and hopped up onto her bed, she moved forward slightly and positioned him just above her vagina. Rose looked into his eyes, the Doctor gave her a look of approval, Rose slid down until his penis was completely sheathed by her vagina. The Doctor felt something similar to a power surge travel throughout himself, he clamped his eyes shut for a split second to get himself under control, then snapped them back open again as Rose began to roll her hips in a circular motion. The Doctor could barely think straight, the only thing his hands managed to do was to grab ahold of Rose's breasts. An action that garnered him that cheeky smile, he did something right there.

The sounds of Rose's voice, the soft groans, the lilting moans, and the whimpers of her repeating "Yes, yes, yes!" began to guide the Doctor better in giving Rose pleasure. He started to know what Rose liked and where she was the most responsive. The Doctor got bolder and started to raise his hips off of the mattress, driving himself further inside of Rose, pretty soon the two of them were matching each others rhythm's.

"A bit faster Doctor...I think I'm close!" Rose moaned. The Doctor nodded wordlessly in response, he steadily increased his tempo, feeling the endorphin rush starting to take in effect as his body peaked in arousal. He groaned deeply as Rose tightened around him, and suddenly...The Doctor felt an overpowering sense of completion of his physical orgasm, he closed his eyes and he could see stars exploding in front of his eyes, out of his mouth, came a loud cry of pleasure. In his ears, all he could hear were fireworks, going off on all different directions, there was nothing in the world more satisfying than this!

Rose collapsed breathlessly on top of him, she gave the Doctor a small and soft kiss on his neck and looked up into his eyes, wondering what his reaction to what just happened would be. The Doctor looked down at her and smiled deeply in complete satisfaction.

"Rose, you were fantastic! Absolutely fantastic!" The Doctor groaned out. The Doctor wrapped his arms around her tightly, Rose smiled and stroked his chest lovingly.

"And you know what? So were you..." Rose replied, the Doctor couldn't keep his smirk off his face, he said with newfound confidence in himself

"So...who's ready for an encore?"

Date: 2012-02-09 01:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This so sweet yet sexy at the same time. I love how Rose took the initiative after the first failed try at the life. So very much Rose, haha.


Date: 2012-02-09 03:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you very much firth! Yeah, this was really fun to work to write! This friday, this is going to go into the Gutter! -smiles- I'm sure it'll be a hit!

Date: 2012-02-09 04:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I love first time fics. This one is so sweet. Rose knows how nervous the Doctor would be and how much he wants everything to be perfect for her. She is certainly the brave one and can imagine her taking the first step. It is a role reversal for them, but one that is totally in character.

Poor Doctor, always worried he'll do something to mess up with Rose and then she'll be dissatisfied and leave him. You put that so well in this passage.
The Doctor lifted his jumper over his head, gathering it up in his hands, with each layer of clothing he subtracted from himself, the more anxious he became. What if he disappointed Rose, what if he wasn't good enough for her, what if she realized this moment that he was too old for her? So many 'what if's' suddenly bombarded what confidence he had. With his body completely bare, his eyes fell to the floor. He looked up, dreading to see Rose's face.

Rose is wise beyond her years and the Doctor trusts her with his body and soul. His trust is not misplaced. Their lovemaking was so tender and slow. Beautiful.

Thank you for posting this!

Date: 2012-02-09 04:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you very much bloose, this completely made writing this one shot worth it! I'm so glad that I wrote them in character, I'll be reposting this in the Gutter next friday! I think that this is going to be a hit over there!

Date: 2012-02-09 05:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I think they will enjoy your fic very much. I can't get enough of the Purity graphic either.

Date: 2012-02-09 05:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Me neither, that graphic is probably the most professional looking. It's not that abstract like some others are, but it's simplistic look lends itself to the word of purity.

Date: 2012-02-10 07:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I really liked this! You managed to make it hot and sweet at the same time.
Is this a one shot or are you planning to make it a series?

Date: 2012-02-10 08:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks very much phoenikxs! Well, we'll see about a series, it's all a matter of inspiration! I'll probably get that soon!


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