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Title - {Theta'Amor} 
Characters - Nine/Rose
Summary - Months after Rose was left in a parallel universe with her mum and dad, Rose has finally in some capacity moved on from the Doctor. Now, as the winter months roll into the British countryside where her new home resides, Rose and her family celebrate their first Christmas and New Years together. Through times great design, something has been set into motion that will once again test Rose's heart. All of it happens on a fateful New Years Day...
Genre - Romance - Drama - AU - Angst - Fluff
Rated - M

Later that night, when all had stilled and when Jackie stopped fussing about over suggestions for their wedding, lay the Doctor and Rose on her or what had now become their bed. Rose snuggled up onto his right shoulder while he scrolled through Rose's tablet in search of the perfect wedding retreat. They had a list of places, included on that list was a beautiful luxury resort in Hawaii, a massive villa in Tuscany and a quite expensive five star hotel in Paris. Rose kept raking her teeth across her lips, trying so hard not to interrupt the Doctor by saying such and such a place was too expensive. 

"Rose...Could you stop looking so anxious? There's no place on earth that's too expensive, don't you remember who you're marrying? Cost is no object to me Rose." The Doctor said. His silver blue eyes twinkled with mirth, Rose's nose wrinkled as her nerves released themselves into peals of giggles. Rose rolled up on top of him, stroking his bare chest mindlessly as she took in the view of her future husband. Lean torso, curiously lanky arms that held a remarkable strength; strength enough to lift her up in joyous love making. A beautiful set of eyes that reached deep inside of her, warming her body like the sun on a far away beach. Although he is slightly self deprecating about his ears and nose, she adores them greatly for they frame his face in an unconventional yet beautiful way.

But what had begun to surprise her was that in the month that had passed, she had never seen a razor touch his face or seen a pair of clippers working on his head. He had let himself get to a point where his hair had reached the nape of his neck and that a full beard had grown in on his face. It was a radical change from the short shorn hair and the clean shaven look that he had when they first travelled together but it was a look that she certainly liked. It was more for the fact that he was more casual, more laidback that really changed the tone of his face. When he looked at her, his eyes didn't have that a thousand mile distance anymore. The warmth they held a much more immediate impact, and his smiles seemed more truthful; he had finally stopped piling on guilt, guilt and a side order of self destruction. 

"You stopped shaving and trimming your hair..." Rose murmured. Her airy and light as a cloud utterance found itself caught in the Doctor's ears, which made his smile more of a confident smirk. He placed Rose's tablet on the pillow beside them and with his hands free, slithered them seductively across her hips, making an electrical charge course through Rose's back and causing her to tremble in delight. 

"So...You like me all hairy and ape-like? And here I was pondering whether I should shave it all off, well, looks like that's off my list of things to do. Thanks for lightening the load sweetie." The Doctor laughed. Rose stroked his hands and wiggled her own underneath his, intwining her fingers with his and with a simple motion had pinned him down on the bed in a display of dominance. Her face inches away from his, and with nothing to stop her, kissed him with an urgent and fiery lust that threatened to consume her. Rose made her way down to his neck and laved her tongue all over his tantalizing skin, god did he taste good. She made note how his facial hair brushed itself up on her skin, it left tingly kisses all over her cheek; since it was so newly grown in, it hadn't begun to stiffen and become rough and course. His beard was silky and smooth, and it felt great on her body whenever he laid kisses on her stomach. 

The Doctor swallowed hard as Rose made a sensuous journey down his stomach and towards his abdomen, and his hearts roared inside his chest when he felt Rose's hands dragging down his pajama bottoms. He slowly closed his eyes, feeling a pulsing in his groin as his erection stood proud and firm. Rose's tongue ran over her juicy lips as she prepared to take in his penis inside her hot mouth. Slowly, she teased the tip of his penis, which garnered a very favourable reaction from her Doctor. Rose loosened her grip on his wrists as she began to work her magic on his penis, soon after that the Doctor had begun to massage her head as a slow heat worked its way inside of his body. The Doctor groaned out

"Rose...Mmm, my Rose..."

Rose bobbed her head up and down, licking and sucking his penis like she was sucking on a lollipop. He tasted so good, and she was going to suck on him for as long as she pleased. The Doctor couldn't stop himself from groaning out filthy curses from his lips. Whenever Rose and he did anything in the bedroom, he always let himself loose and he enjoyed every single second of it.

"Don't...Don't stop...Oh, oh fuck...Yeah, that's it." 

Rose hummed softly, sending a low vibration across the sensitive skin of his throbbing erection. The Doctor's eyes went wide and large and sent his upper body off the bed as he let out a large groan that reverberated through the walls. His penis twitched for a few seconds as a hot discharge flooded Rose's mouth, the Doctor panted heavily as his lungs reached out for air as a faint layer of sweat broke out onto his forehead. Rose wiped her mouth with the back of her hand as she swallowed down every last bit of his release, it had a salty tang but it had a sweet aftertaste as well. Like she had just eaten an orange covered in salt, she racked it up to the fact that he was alien so obviously he wasn't going to taste like an earthling. 

"Doctor...You taste so good. You're so addictive that I can't get enough." Rose moaned. Her words thick with arousal, and with a sudden burst of energy, had unhooked her bra and worked her panties off in a flash. Rose wanted him deep inside her, she wanted to ride him so hard and she couldn't handle waiting anymore. Rose placed her hand inside her sensitive folds, for she wanted to give her Doctor a bit of a show. Her fingers moved swiftly inside of her, building up her arousal to a feverish level, moaning out unabashadly loud. The Doctor looked side to side and wondered how in the world the whole house hadn't been awoken by Rose's moans, but pretty soon he couldn't care less about that for Rose's performance had him transfixed. 

The sound of her fingers slapping inside her drenched walls and her lilting demands of wanting him to fuck her hard made him hard as a stone. His upper lip twitched for trying to keep his ravenous desire at bay was getting harder and harder. Until finally Rose climaxed, her hands seperating her folds inviting him in. The Doctor pushed his cock deep inside her, causing Rose to scream out his name in throes of ecstacy. Rose grabbed her headboard and rocked back and forth onto his penis, with his hands gripping tight onto her waist as he pushed his hips off the bed. Rose pounded hard on top of his cock, wet skin slapping against wet skin as she did so, passion erupting like fireworks inside her head. Her bed slammed against the wall as her thrusts never let up. Rose had become a sex goddess for the Doctor had begun groaning out luscious benedictions in Rose's honor. 

The Doctor huffed and puffed, his hands trailing all over her body as he worshipped every wave of heat that crashed over him. He lost control as lightning fired through his veins, he was over the edge and his words smattered together in incoherent groans of Gallifreyan curses. The feeling of completeness, the feeling of fulfillment and the estatic high had him by the jugular as he was at the mercy of his hormones. Rose held on tight to her headboard for dear life as she rode through her orgasm, her throat vibrating with her screaming at nearly the top of her voice. All of the tension between them had made every sexual encounter they shared much more vivacious, for them to finally release it all had opened the floodgates and everything in its path got sucked up in it.

With one final hard thrust, Rose called out his name towards the heavens and for a fraction of a second it was like she had seen it for herself. Her rapid pulse began to even out as her body went numb with the endorphin injection her brain sent her. Rose's body fell back on the mattress, skin flushed and covered in a layer of sweat. The Doctor wrapped her inside his weary arms and brushed his lips tenderly against her forehead feeling quite wiped out himself. Both of them lay there, wondering how in the world a small conversation of his facial hair ended up in a round of hot primal sex. Well, for Rose, any excuse to shag her Doctor's senseless was perfectly acceptable to her. In no time flat, they fell into a thorough exhaustion with both of them starting to yawn deeply. Rose asked him

"Doctor? Why do people yawn anyway?" 

Rose closed her eyes, her grip on his waist loosened as sleep overtook her before the Doctor could finish his explanation that yawning was a by product of human evolution. The Doctor chuckled and shook his head with a sweet smile on his face. He reached over and turned off the tablet, wedding plans would just have to wait until tomorrow. 

{To be Continued}

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