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Title - {Theta'Amor} 

Characters - Nine/Rose

Summary - Months after Rose was left in a parallel universe with her mum and dad, Rose has finally in some capacity moved on from the Doctor. Now, as the winter months roll into the British countryside where her new home resides, Rose and her family celebrate their first Christmas and New Years together. Through times great design, something has been set into motion that will once again test Rose's heart. All of it happens on a fateful New Years Day...

Genre - Romance - Drama - AU - Angst - Fluff

Rated - T

Yes. The definition of the word; an affirmative answer in response to a question...That was the word that Rose said right? He had to make sure.

"What did you just say? Did you say yes?" The Doctor asked again. His teeth bit down hard on his lips to stop them from quivering. His blue eyes welled up with unshed tears and his hopes skyrocketed through all the layers of the atmosphere. Rose placed her hand on his face with a crescent moon smile, she nodded her head and squealed


Rose grabbed her Doctor by the shoulders and hugged him tightly to her curves. Tears of joy falling from her eyes and filled with such overpowering happiness that she could barely lie still. The Doctor's booming laughter vibrated through his chest as Rose took him by surprise, pinning him on the bed and planted a firm and reaffirming kiss on his tantalizing lips. Rose joined him in his heady laughter, and the sun had somehow begun to feel warmer and brighter then it had before. Rose leaped off the bed and hopped up and down, joy rushing through her body in an utterly fantastic way. The Doctor turned his tender gaze down to his watch, his eyelids folded over his eyes as he begun to focus on the intricate gears inside. 

His ears honed in on the now audible machinations of the watch. Sounds of bells chiming off in the distance...Wind combing through the leaves of trees, drops of water trailing down and splashing onto the earthy forest floor, and the crack and grinding of tectonic plates beneath his feet flowed into the watch. Languages from every single corner of the planet floated in front of his eyes that would put the Rosetta Stone to shame flowed into the watch along with the powerful forces of nature. The vast knowledge of both planets were now housed inside of his watch, coming together in a rhapsody of absolute harmony and creating a pale violet sky that shimmered with ice blue stars. It was mentally and emotionally exhausting to be able to combine all of the knowledge of Earth and Gallifrey without combusting the memory circuits inside, but it was the marriage custom that his people followed. 

"Doctor? Are you alright?" 

He hadn't realized that his skin had begun to blanch and that his body was trembling like he was sick with a fever. Almost as soon as he had begun the transference, he had made a swift recovery with a small shake of his head. Rose gently brushed the sweat from his forehead, amber eyes brimming with worry. The Doctor reached for her hand and kissed it in reverence, not wanting to let it go for fear of losing her soothing touch. He began to explain the marriage custom of Gallifrey.

"Rose...It's a Gallifreyan marriage custom to give a time piece to their beloved. To combine the makeup of both partners into one essence. It would have been easier if you were from my planet, but since you're human, I needed to combine everything from your planet and mine. It was no easy task, it took almost everything in my power to recreate this time piece without combusting its memory circuits. Now, Rose...Please, offer me your wrist." The Doctor said.
Rose nodded in silence, the heavy weight of what it will mean to be the wife of the Doctor sobered her giddiness. Rose watched mesmerized with undivided attention at his elegant hand working at undoing the leather strap from his wrist. The Doctor whispered with great conviction and truth of emotion Gallifreyan vows of protection, affection, devotion, and admiration. 

When the leather wristwatch was placed on her, the words the Doctor had just murmured danced like faeries in the air. Tears pin-pricked and fell from her eyes when she read the words, glory in all that they were.

My darling one. My Rose Tyler.
The coveted one from the milky stars...
I will honor your every wish, every demand and every need.
Timelessness is locked into your amber rich eyes.
The eyes that pierced through my armor and made me fall.

Every inch. Every fragment of your complex palette of emotions is emblazoned in my soul.
From the highest of ecstatic wonderment, to the lowest of anguish I will be there to hold your hand.
Your smile is my sun breathing life into the bleak and hollowness of my hearts.
Unconditional support; I will always offer to you. My life staked upon said vow.

Bravery peerless and boundless in your beliefs.
Strength for compassion even for a wretch like me.
Hope for salvation rests in your warmth. 
The world will know of your greatness; the defender of the earth.

From your cherub face and your golden locks, you have left me gasping for air.
The contours and dips of your body; a wonder to hold in throes of passion.
Your voice is a serenade that heals my wounds.
Your vessel in which your mighty soul resides is one of the greatest wonders I have seen.

Rose Tyler...I will be faithful, respectful, dutiful, reassuring, and I will love you until my dying day.

"Rose...I've found peace here, I've finally received all the time in the world and there's no one else that I would rather share it with. I love you." The Doctor said.

Rose quickly got dressed in her robe and asked him to get dressed along with her. The Doctor did as asked and as soon as he did, Rose grabbed his hand and rushed into the family room. Jackie, Pete, and little Tony were sitting on the black leather chair and Jackie was reading Tony one of his baby books. Rose rocked back and forth on her tiptoes while she cleared her throat, Jackie and Pete looked up at both of them and before they had a chance to ask her what she wanted Rose cried out

"The Doctor and I...We're getting married!"

{To be Continued}
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