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Title - {Theta'Amor} 

Characters - Nine/Rose

Summary - Months after Rose was left in a parallel universe with her mum and dad, Rose has finally in some capacity moved on from the Doctor. Now, as the winter months roll into the British countryside where her new home resides, Rose and her family celebrate their first Christmas and New Years together. Through times great design, something has been set into motion that will once again test Rose's heart. All of it happens on a fateful New Years Day...

Genre - Romance - Drama - AU - Angst - Fluff

Rated - T

+One Month Later+

Valentine's Day...Rose had such a love/hate relationship with the day. There were times where she would absolutely abhor the kitschy commercialism of the whole deal, but then there were times where she would sob like a fool listening to sappy love songs that popped up on the radio wondering why she was single. It wasn't her favourite holiday, no, not at all. But this time, she was in a very good place, for she had someone who deeply loved her by her side.

Her Doctor.

A squeal of happiness bubbled up from her belly and came out in a fit of rapturous giggles. Just saying her Doctor, made her feel like she would walk on the clouds that hung in the endless blue sky. Rose felt her feet twitch restlessly. She was bloody tired of waiting for the lazy sun to rise, she wanted this day to get going already. Rose flipped on her CD player, and blasted the most rump shaking beat she could think of. Rose shamelessly shook her bum to the rhythm with the biggest grin on her face, twirling around on her right heel and watching the world blur around her. Rose hopped up in the air with the beat and let the rhythm and the endorphins give her that natural high. Rose's disheveled blonde hair splashed across her face as the momentum from her movements whipping it around in a frenzy, it was such a stark change to how she usually woke up in the mornings. 

As the song came to a close, Rose made one last twirl and found herself staring into the face of a very amused Doctor. The corners of the Doctor's eyes crinkled slightly with his wide grin and he gave Rose a standing ovation for her performance. Rose did a cheery little curtsy and took a leap into his arms. Within minutes, his hands were dancing all over her body seeking out her beautiful curves. Lips pressed together without the intent on leaving their place any time soon, and with one swift movement they had fallen on Rose's bed. The Doctor traced the dip of Rose's throat with the tip of his nose, inhaling the natural pheromone soaked perfume that lay on Rose's skin. He let out a groan of need. He wanted to shed Rose of her lacy knickers, breathless in his desire to feel the radiant warmth of his darling Rose. 

"Rose...I love you...My Rose..." 

Rose massaged his short cropped hair, it felt like soft velvet in her hands. His deep bass northern accent rang sweet through her ears, pulsing through her body like a wondrous shock wave. Rose closed her eyes tight with pleasure as his hands groped at her breasts.

"I missed you so much! Please...I need...Make love to me Doctor..." Rose sighed.

"It would be my great honor and pleasure to do so Rose...Allow me to worship every part of you..." The Doctor whispered.

"I love it when you talk like that..." Rose moaned. 

Hot skin bathed across hot skin followed suit. Shuddering gasps, moans of complete ecstasy followed soon after as the Doctor relished and celebrated this life he had been blessed with. The Doctor looked down at Rose's pleasure addled face. She was the most stunning beauty he had ever come across in all his long years and to know that the love he had for her was reciprocated filled his hearts with pure sunshine. Rose's hips bucked underneath him, driving him deeper into her which sent pleasant shivers down his spine. Rose grasped tightly onto his firm bum as she rolled her hips in a sensuous rhythm, any minute now and she would be over the edge.

The Doctor kept repeating her name as his orgasm neared, his bright blue eyes darkened with ravenous desire that engulfed all of his senses. The Doctor pounded hard and fast at the request of Rose who grew mad with desire, he was more than certainly willing to oblige her demands. Sweat broke out on his forehead, even with his enhanced stamina it still took so much energy to make love, but whenever they finished it would be the best kind of tired he could ever feel. For every gasp, for every moan, and for every sweet lilting of his name from those magnificent lips of hers made him feel more alive than he ever thought he could feel.

He pulsed himself inside of her until finally their orgasm came crashing down on top of them, slowing them down as peals of endorphins released inside their bodies. Rose about nearly screamed when she had reached her climax. This, this wasn't just normal sex, this was on a whole nother level entirely. The Doctor was quite literally out of this world in terms of his talents in the bedroom, he knew every single one of her most sensitive spots and had the ability to make her feel enormous amounts of pleasure. Almost like he could reach deep into her mind and touch her in ways that she had never been before.  She looked up at his beautiful face, and ached to stroke his pronounced cheekbones. The Doctor was still steeped in satisfaction, the corner of his mouth upturned in a smile of fulfillment.

The Doctor's arms finally gave out on him sending his body falling on top of Rose, he gathered her up in his arms and laid a tender kiss on her forehead. Rose and the Doctor snuggled underneath her thick purple quilt in contented silence, not saying a word, for everything they could say was spoken in body language. The way his long and elegant fingers entwined with hers, the way her leg wrapped around his, all unspoken ways to say 'I love you.". The only words that Rose heard from the Doctor was a small utterance of 'happy Valentine's Day'. The Doctor's arms wrapped loosely around her hips as the embrace of sleep started to take effect. This, this was paradise. Having Rose in his arms, having all the time he needed to explore their newly found sexual relationship was like a utopia that he never wanted to leave. 

Sure, travelling around time and space had its perks, but this was a journey that was more than worth taking. Rose had fully opened her heart to him, trusting him once again with the most precious thing he could ever hope to receive. He would fight tooth and nail to always be worthy of the honor that Rose bestowed upon him. He would never leave her again, nothing would ever dare try to separate him from his queen. He would guard her until his dying day, but no matter how much Rose told him otherwise he still felt like he wasn't worthy of her affections. Sometimes he felt like a dirty old man seducing his way into her bedroom. Sometimes it was hard to look at himself in the mirror without the words 'guilty' or 'wrong' painted on his skin like a tattoo that could never be removed no matter how hard he would try to scrape it off. 

But every time she fell asleep in his arms and every time he felt her arms wrap themselves around him that much tighter eased his troubled mind. In moments of pure ecstasy, he would trade all of it away for what he had with her. He used to have so much trouble sleeping for it would take him hours to settle the thoughts screaming through his head, but now sleep came to him quickly and peacefully. There were no more painful images and there were no more ear blistering howls of pain. Just the image of the radiant woman who lay in his arms and the sound of her sure and steady heartbeat. His love for her had grown so deep that he could barely see the bottom anymore and sometimes that scared him, but he was more than ready to deal with that kind of fear. 

Later on in the morning, Rose woke to find the Doctor staring down at her with his eyes filled with such a tender warmth that it made her blush despite herself.

"Rose?" The Doctor asked. His voice wavered slightly, causing Rose to furrow her brow in confusion.

"What?" Rose responded.

"Will you marry me?"

{To be Continued}
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