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Title - {Theta'Amor}

Characters - Nine/Rose

Summary - Months after Rose was left in a parallel universe with her mum and dad, Rose has finally in some capacity moved on from the Doctor. Now, as the winter months roll into the British countryside where her new home resides, Rose and her family celebrate their first Christmas and New Years together. Through times great design, something has been set into motion that will once again test Rose's heart. All of it happens on a fateful New Years Day...

Genre - Romance - Drama - AU - Angst 

Rated - T

It was an extremely off morning for Rose. First things first, waking up to see the sonic screwdriver on her floor without any clue as to how it got there and feeling like she was going completely mental trying to figure it out. For the time being, she kept it inside her bedside table until she had a better idea over what the hell just happened. Sonic screwdrivers, especially his, don't just drop out of the sky and land next to her. Secondly, having this loom over her head while her parents and little brother carried on with the rest of the day like normal and not being able to talk about it. She wasn't going to say anything unless this turned out to be red herring, no sense on making herself get her hopes up only for her chain to get yanked yet again. She was plum tired of feeling like her life had to be dictated by the Doctor.

Yes, she loved him dearly, but she had to move on. It was bittersweet to look back, to know that the TARDIS was only accessible in memory only, but nothing lasts forever. Even the Doctor said it himself; everything has its time and everything dies. Bundle of laughs he was indeed, and with that Rose let out an exasperated huff and tried her damnedest to forget the whole sonic screwdriver incident even took place. It was best just to forget everything period and finally start to enjoy her new luxurious lifestyle. God it sounded so superficial and shallow when she said that in her mind. There were much more important things in life than fancy cars, clothes, and social rank.

At least her mum was finally happy. When she was around six years old she watched her mum walk into their apartment, shoulders sagging with dark circles under her eyes. Defeated, browbeaten, and heavily exhausted from her job. It didn't help that on some days she would get so knackered that she would start to sob her eyes out over losing her husband. No matter how many years went by and no matter how many men she dated on and off with, she would always end up staring hopelessly and helplessly into her honeymoon photo album. So it was no wonder to Rose why her mum was so angry all the time. To see her mum finally starting to care of herself and to see her so happy, was worth the heartache that she was feeling. 

Loving one person seemed to run in the family as well, for even though at least three other men had clearly shown interest in her Rose politely turned them down. She didn't want any of them to be some sort of rebound guy to fill some hole in her that she could more than fix herself, plus, it wouldn't be fair to them either. The Doctor had raised her expectations and standards to point where it would be extremely difficult to open her heart out to anyone else, and that wasn't fair to herself. She deserved happiness too, and she was tired of moping around waiting for someone who wasn't going to show up at her doorstep anytime soon. It was better to loved than lost and all of that cliche bullshit that littered the insides of every book she had ever read. 

Rose's feelings for the Doctor were so muddled lately, she loved him so intensely one day and then was completely indifferent the next. It was so hard these days to sync up her head with her heart, the only thing certain was that something other than her heart broke that day. There was something deep within her subconscious that she couldn't access, and it was warm and comforting but in a strange paradox was also terrifying and painful whenever her mind scratched the surface of that access point. She had to keep trying to open up that Pandora's box, because if she didn't, proper closure would never come her way. Whatever lied beyond that barrier from her conscious and subconscious was very important, and she was more than determined to find out what was going on inside of her own head.

Rose walked inside their spacious family room. The dark walnut hardwood floors were polished to a mirror sheen, and the walls a warm shade of ivory cream. The room consisted of two large and very comfortable white leather chairs which Rose often fell asleep in. Between them was a large black leather sofa which Tony loved to climb all over much to her mums protest, but in fact, whenever he did so, her mum would just laugh. It was basically a game they played together. In the corner of the room, sat a large black grand piano which nobody ever played, but her father ensured her that it added an extra layer of class to the place whatever that meant. On the east side of the room on the wall, was a beautifully crafted wood fireplace with a gorgeous creamy marble mantelpiece. Up above the fireplace sat a large family portrait of the Tyler family. Rose and her family all together and smiling, the way it should be and the way Rose always wanted it to be. 

The last detailing of the room was a stunning wrought iron chandelier that hung above her head. The chandelier was quite modern in its design, it looked like a tree that was sprouting from the ceiling with the lights acting like the leaves that grew from the branches. It was also set up on a dimmer switch, which was nice whenever she got a migraine...The fact that she was getting migraines lately was a little troublesome since she never had trouble with her head before but her mum reasoned with her that they may be triggered by the change in climate. Well, that was certainly true. Rose had always been a city girl and this was her first time living out in the countryside, maybe she was allergic to some plants or something around the area. 

With the sudden urge to watch some telly, Rose drifted out of the family room and made the somewhat lengthy trip back up to her bedroom. Closing her door behind her, she ambled her way to her bed and reached for the remote control. Rose went through more than a dozen channels until she found one of her favourite movies playing on TV and with that, Rose fell back on her bed and let her mind drift into the story. But before she got too cozy, on the bottom of the screen a red ticker started to scroll by over the movie. A weather warning for a large amount of snow was headed their way, a snow bomb is what they called it.

"What?! Damn it! Looks like my New Years party is canned now and I was looking forward to spendin' time with my best mates!" Rose groaned. Rose sat there watching the movie with a serious look of disappointment on her face, with her busy schedule, she barely had the time to see them and New Years was the perfect time to see her mates. It didn't take long for Rose to feel drowsy, the room was just so warm and her bed was so cozy. Rose couldn't keep her eyes open, pretty soon, she had fallen straight asleep. 

Suddenly, flashes of rusted metal walls with wires strung about the floor blazed through her head. The all consuming and terrifying fire in her mind from last nights dream had returned in full force, and once again her heart was pounding painfully in her chest. Her mind was scattered all over time in a vast web of interconnecting moments in time wherever she went, wherever she was going to be, and where she was now. All possibilities and outcomes had been born. All of them given life by her hand, a silent contract made with time and space in exchange for her life. And it was a frenzied pain that reached down to the bone, how was she still standing when her body wanted nothing more than to collapse.

"I think you need a Doctor."

And with the sound of his voice ringing strongly in her head, Rose woke up once again shaking in a cold sweat. She went to grab her blanket for security, but instead her hand felt something completely different...And when her eyes looked down at what it was, she let out a shocked yelp.

Leather Jacket...

{To be Continued}

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