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Title - {Theta'Amor}

Characters - Nine/Rose

Summary - Months after Rose was left in a parallel universe with her mum and dad, Rose has finally in some capacity moved on from the Doctor. Now, as the winter months roll into the British countryside where her new home resides, Rose and her family celebrate their first Christmas and New Years together. Through times great design, something has been set into motion that will once again test Rose's heart. All of it happens on a fateful New Years Day...

Genre - Romance - Drama - AU - Angst 

Rated - T

"I hope that this upcoming year will be a good one for you Ms. Tyler." 

Rose nodded with a graceful smile on her face, she closed her bedroom door and made a mad dash for her bed. Never in her life did she ever expect to have people waiting on her, actually she never did expect to have anything that she currently had. A large and way too spacious manor, Limousin's ready at a moments notice to take her anywhere she wanted to go, in vogue clothing....And something that took a lot of getting used to, was that her father was alive and well. Although, in actuality, it was the most wonderful thing she could ever hope to have. Her mum was now taking care of a beautiful baby named Tony. Rose couldn't believe how quick her mum and dad's decision was to have a baby. She basically summed it up to them being so happy to be back in each others lives that they just went full force into an ideal marriage. Sure, they rowed, but nowhere near the extent as when she saw them together in her old universe. 

On occasion, Rose felt like her time at the estates was some sort of bad dream. Sure it was a nice place...If you didn't mind waking up at all hours hearing the neighbors from three doors down getting into a screaming fit, and if you didn't mind the substandard handyman service when the pipes acted up. Rose physically cringed remembering when the sink backed up and started producing a grimy and greasy sludge instead of water. She also remembered how her mum swore like a sailor at the handyman to the point where he was afraid for his life. It worked though, after getting chewed out like that he was never late for another call ever again. 

Rose rolled over on her stomach and snickered into her pillow. Her mum was always a source for entertainment, even if sometimes her mum could embarrass her. 

By all accounts, she should be perfectly happy...But no matter how much she enjoyed spending time with her best mates, playing with her brother out in playgrounds and spending time with her mum and dad, there was a part of her that would never heal correctly. That there would always be a part of her that would feel this utter loneliness that would usually strike just about when she would go to bed. Her ears had been trained to hear the gentle and serene hum of the TARDIS which would have always lulled her to sleep, but instead there was nothing. Just the sound of a tree branch outside her window that rapped against the glass when the wind hit it just right. Rose's smile waned and crumbled as her eyes closed, it had been months since she went to bed happy no matter how good the day...


His voice sounded broken in her head as her mind reached down into the depths of the harsh memories that she tried to suppress.  It had become the voice that offered her the most comfort. His reassuring and soft as silk, but still strong and powerful northern accent. That voice, that soothed her when she woke up from wretched nightmares over watching her father die in her arms.

"Rose...I'm here...Try to get back to sleep..."

No you're not here, you left me remember? Rose responded bitterly to the memory. He left her in more ways than one, not just abandoned on a beach crying her eyes out. But for all intents and purposes had left her when he had changed his face. For a while, she thought that she had learnt to adapt to the stark change in personality and face change, but in reality there was a part of her that always longed to see the return of the man who grabbed her hand and told her to run. After he regenerated, things between them were never quite the same, but she tried not to think about it. She didn't want to let on how much she wanted him to change back, for this version of the Doctor wasn't as kind and wasn't as friendly to her. In all honesty, sometimes she felt like she was being taken for granted. 

And it hurt. Damned did it hurt to realize that he never met her halfway on her feelings. She got a full taste of what that meant when he left her in the lurch to go off and have some Harlequin romance with Reinette. In hindsight, Rose regretted not being clear enough with her feelings, maybe if she had been more upfront about them he wouldn't have...No, she couldn't have made it more obvious. How could he not know how she felt with how she looked at him and how she behaved around him. Again hindsight had proven to be quite the bitch when she saw just how much he was distancing away from her. How could he go from saying that he wouldn't go anywhere without her to leaving high and dry without even considering her feelings. 

It took her months to categorize the complex machinations of their relationship. When he was still bound in leather, there was a feeling like her love was reciprocated, but she didn't push it since she was afraid of rejection from someone like him. The Doctor and the lifestyle she had with him was the best thing that could have possibly happened to her. He helped her to feel alive, to finally reach for the potential that she had squandered away when she sacrificed her A levels. But then when he was in a fancy suit, she felt like she was being dragged from one point of the galaxy to the next without much input on what they did or when. In fact, sometimes he could be downright cold whenever she tried to get close. 

All in all it summed up to one thing, that they may share the same name but they weren't the same man and she was tired of trying to fool herself otherwise. And with that fact strongly reinforced, Rose let herself succumb to exhaustion and fell asleep...

In her dreams she dreamed of travelling through the vast sea of stars at breakneck speed with eons of time passing by her eyes in a shimmering and pulsing smear. Her body surged and flared with a ferocious power that threatened to rip the space time continuum in half, and it was glorious and intoxicating having that much authority. She was creation and destruction, she was life and death, she was clarity and madness, she was freedom and bondage all wrapped up in a human shell. She had all the power in the universe, she was the master of her own domain and if she wanted to, could bring the apocalypse to anyone who would dare cross her.

With her body aglow with a golden hue she had arrived to pass judgement on those who had wronged her great love. With one sweep of her arm, she had obliterated the abominable creatures who had almost riddled her Doctor's body with their armaments. Her eyes met those of the false god who belittled her Doctor, the false god who had dared to cross her path. A fire burned behind her amber eyes, and the rage that festered underneath her flesh, collected and gathered and all of her terrifying glory aimed itself square at the abomination. No matter what the cost, no matter how brutal the punishment was to her, all that mattered was the evisceration of the counterfeit god. With one fell swoop, she had taken its body and incinerated it until nothing remained of its once hideous form. 

And in mere seconds, the power had turned on her. The flames had now begun to to eat away at her mind, ruthless and merciless in its desire to swallow her up whole. Her heart was beating way too fast in trying to keep up with the pace of all the knowledge of  time and space hard-wiring itself up inside her brain. If there wasn't an intervention soon, Rose would end up in a permanent catatonic state with no hope of reviving her...

Rose woke up from her dream, eyes wide open and forehead covered in a cold sweat. Her pulse pounded hard up against her ears and her lungs were left grasping for air. After what seemed like a lifetime, Rose had finally managed to bring herself back to a relatively calm state of mind...That was until her hand had knocked something off of her bed, making a loud thunk on the hardwood floor. Rose stared in absolute shock at the object in question...

Sonic Screwdriver

{To be Continued}

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