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Title: Want a taste?
Characters: Nine/Rose
Genre: Fluff/Romance
Summary: When Rose finds herself suffering from a craving for ice cream, she finds there's none to be had aboard the TARDIS. When she goes to inquire why, she gets a rather interesting answer
Rating: M

Aah, there's nothing quite like travelling in the safe cradle of the TARDIS. Rose loved to swim in the pool for the swimming room had this fantastically large window which displayed massive vistas of galaxies and exoplanets. What made it even more cracking was that whatever was displayed in the window would be reflected in the water. It was like she was swimming in the stars themselves in all of their gigantic and powerful beauty. She lost count with how much time she spent there, apart from running at top speed holding onto her Doctor's hand it was her favourite form of exercise. Before long, the PA piped up with its old fashioned crackling and popping with a message to Rose.
"Rose, supper's on the table! You won't believe the fish I caught down in Frostyx, they're huge whoppers!"
Rose perked right up, dinners with her Doctor always had an air of excitement for having the Doctor as her lover ensured that life would never get boring or mundane. He always had an entertaining story to tell, whether it was narrow escapes from Cybermen or having a chat over tea with Claude Monet. Rose made a chipper jog towards the dining room not giving a damn about getting dressed, ever since they began to get intimate they had well reached the clothing optional stage of their relationship. More often than not now a days, the Doctor went without his leather jacket and just stuck to wearing his jumpers or on some occasions a plain t-shirt. It was wonderful to see the Doctor being so laid back and casual, well, ending the Time War once and for all eased his troubled mind contributed to that.
After the harrowing and near death experience they had aboard Gamestation which nearly cost them all their lives, the Doctor tended to not dive head first into danger. There was an air of caution wherever they went now for he vowed to never place Rose in that amount of danger ever again, and quite frankly the two of them were enjoying the much needed break. 
"About time you got 'ere, I thought you'd be sproutin' gills by the time you got back from swimming." The Doctor said. Rose loved watching him smile and chuckle lightheartedly, his pale blue eyes would get this twinkle and his ears perked up in such an adorable fashion that it made her giggle. A moment of contented silence passed between them as the Doctor took in the pleasurable view of Rose's naked body, with a suggestive lean back in his chair he invited Rose to come and sit on his lap and Rose was more than ready to do so. Rose wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him slow and deep, he groaned into her mouth in satisfaction and rubbed her bare back. Her skin was like finely woven silk, smooth and inviting. 
"So...Dinner then?" The Doctor mumbled. 
"Yeah...Dinner would be great. All that swimming today has left me starving, and by the sounds of it you've caught us a big haul." Rose replied. Rose reluctantly got up from off his lap and pulled a chair over to the table and sat across from him. The Doctor once again regaled Rose in a story about how he once posed for one of Gian Lorenzo Bernini's statues, unfortunately the finished statue never saw the light of day; it was demolished when a rogue alien invader came crashing down on his workshop. Stories of the Doctor meeting famous historical figures always took a odd bent, but in all honesty, it just made them more entertaining.
"So, how's the fish? The Frostyx have spectacular fisheries, I can't wait to show you the docks Rose, you're gonna love it. Orange seas, lavender beaches and the finest grimshlock ale. I could go on, but I'm sure our guide would do a much better job than I could." The Doctor explained.
"The fish is wonderful. I bet you anything that this fish would make for some great fish and chips. Do you think they would have fish and chips down on Frostyx?" Rose asked.
"Of course, it goes great with the grimshlock ale. Very tasty."
After dinner had ended, Rose got to digging inside the freezer. She had a strong craving for butterscotch twist ice cream and she was determined to put an end to her craving. The Doctor looked at her with a puzzled look on her face so he asked her
"What are you trying to find in there Rose?"
"Some butterscotch twist ice cream, I'm in the mood for something cold for dessert tonight."
"I hate to be the one to tell you this, but there's no ice cream in the fridge." The Doctor explained.
Rose turned around and gave a look that screamed 'what in the world are you talking about?' which, if you lived with the Doctor, becomes a routine thing. 
"And why not? No seriously, why not? You can't be allergic to it since I see you take milk in your coffee, is it something like that?"
He tapped the edge of his coffee mug, almost looking like he was trying to avoid responding to the question. The Doctor blushed despite his best efforts not to, but like always, he soldiered on and said with a sheepish look on his face
"Well...I don't have ice cream in the freezer because...I've never had it before."
"Wow...In all your life, your 900 year old life, you've never tried ice cream before? What a tragedy, a truly great tragedy. Hmm, how does this fridge restock itself again...Oh yeah, here it is" Rose made a few button presses on the side of the fridge and before she could say 'raxacoricofallapatorius', she had a tub of butterscotch twist ice cream. Rose fished out a spoon from the kitchen cabinet and popped off the lid of ice cream, and back she went on the Doctor's lap to sit and eat her ice cream.
The Doctor watched as Rose moaned in delight over the frozen treat, and for a moment he didn't know what he wanted more the ice cream or Rose, scratch that, both at the same time would be sinful. Rose licked the spoon clean and went for another spoonful, this time it was the Doctor's turn for a taste. 
"This is my favourite kind of ice cream, it's really rich and creamy. Here, open that gob of yours up and try it!"
Rose placed the spoonful inside of his mouth and for a moment his eyes went wide and big in surprise at how cold it was. But then the rich butterscotch melted inside his mouth and coated it with its luxurious silkiness. He moaned out in approval and closed his eyes delighting in the new sensation.
"Do you want another taste?" Rose asked. The Doctor, still with the spoon in his mouth nodded a yes. This time, Rose took a spoonful out and placed it in her mouth instead and kissed him deeply. The two of them shared a sweet and sticky kiss, curing them of their hunger and replaced it with an entirely different one. 
"I want another taste...I want to taste you Rose..." The Doctor groaned.
And with that, the ice cream was plum forgotten about as the two of them sprinted off towards the bedroom once again. 


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