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Temptation, sweet and rich temptation rushed through Rose's head. Darkened, amber eyes, hands trailing across her own skin, fingers dancing on her breasts. She couldn't contain her limitless desire and attraction towards the Doctor, her body burned hot for him. Rose remembered watching him work on the TARDIS when the temperature control shorted out, sans leather jacket and jumper, body glistening with pheramone soaked sweat. Rose inhaled the air around her, the scent of his body was such a powerful aphrodisiac, that she ran headlong into a cold shower. Rose whimpered as her fingers kneaded her smooth and supple breasts, her breasts growing larger with her teasing groping, the fabric of her t-shirt straining against the growth. Rose eventually grew bored of just fondling herself and instead, begun to slide a hand down into her jeans. After unbuttoning the top gold button, she got to work on the zipper, the zipper slowly crawled down revealing a pair of lace, red panties. Rose slid her hand beneath the frilly fabric and inserted a finger into her already drenched folds, with a sharp gasp of air, her hips lurched forward off of her mattress and then fell back down again. Rose closed her eyes, picturing the Doctor filling her up to the brim with his penis, Rose moaned out in a lilting tone.

My heart goes Boum-Boum-Boum
When my mind is touching you
I'm going Boum-Boum-Boum
Only light inside my gloom

'Cause I wanna be your lover ('Cause I wanna be your lover)
Till the end of our lives (Till the end of our lives)
I could never miss again
These loving eyes

Rose pictured herself clearly staring up at his liquid silver blue eyes, his firm chiseled jawline, and ruggedly handsome face. It only heightened her arousal, she couldn't stop herself from crying out in anguished pleasure. Rose needed his sex like she needed air to breathe, why did he have to be so fucking fit? Rose hammered her finger deeper inside, desperate to be rid of her arousal, but knowing her she would probably repeat all of this at another time. Her body broke out in a light sweat, chest heaving, blood pumping. Rose was addicted to the sweet rush of pleasure, wave after wave of pleasure crashed down on her, but it wasn't enough. After what had must have been her third orgasm, Rose finally called it quits and started to pout bitterly, why couldn't the Doctor see that simple kissing wasn't enough for her anymore? She long for his hot skin against hers, and pleasuring herself had become rather mundane...Rose lay back in her fluffy bed, lamenting her miserable luck, the Doctor wasn't the sexual type...

If only Rose had known she had an audience...The Doctor, having finally finished on the temperature control, ambled his way down the corridor towards Rose's room, announcing that they could head out on their way. When he had reached the door panel, he heard Rose's voice from the other side of the room, to his judgement, Rose sounded sick and in pain. That was until he heard her moan out words like "Yes!", "Oh, yeah!", "More!"...The Doctor felt both of his hearts pump out a steady rhythm, he wanted to walk away and give Rose her much needed privacy, but...The sounds she was making, the sounds of her mewling like a cat in heat, filled with him a forceful urge to open up the panel door and be the one to make her writhe in pleasure underneath him. The Doctor groaned, his penis had certainly come to attention, for it was straining against the denim of his jeans. The Doctor roughly made short work of his jeans, with a firm hand, he grasped snugly around his penis and began to relieve his erection.

Close your eyes
Just feel and realize
It is real and not a dream
I'm in you and you're in me
It is time
To break the chains of life
If you follow you will see
What's beyond reality

The Doctor clamped his eyes shut, and pictured Rose's pleasure addled body in the room behind him. He imagined her body covered in fresh, hormone filled sweat, adding to her already most radiant glow. He imagined her breasts, swaying to and fro, as he pounded himself deeper into her sensual warmth. His head craned back, pumping himself faster and faster. He imagined her eventually screaming out his name, digging her perfect hands into the flesh of his back, leaving marks that would surely linger for more than a week. Pumping faster and faster now. He couldn't stop, the guilt of masturbating to Rose soured his pleasure, he knew full well not to, but it felt too good to stop. The Doctor felt tears prickle the corner of his eyes, the chances of Rose thinking of him while masturbating were like a snowball's chance in an inferno. He knew that he could never be that man, that he could never be Rose's champion, this was as close as he was ever going to get to experiencing Rose...The Doctor didn't think he was fantasy material...With one final stroke, the Doctor felt his penis twitch madly, his seed exploding from the head of his cock.

The Doctor's legs gave out on him, sending him to the floor, breathless and eternally ashamed of himself of doing what he had just did. If Rose had ever found out, it would be game over, she would leave the TARDIS, and never return. He was a bad man, a very bad man, he gathered a fistful of his jumper and bent his head down in disgrace. The Doctor, finding the strength had returned to his legs, began to make his way back to the console room. Until he heard Rose call for him, his hearts once again lurched inside of his ribs, he must of been heard by Rose. That's it, he was going to apologize, it may not erase what he had done, but...No, there were no but's to this, Rose would hate him for it, there was no debating that fact for a minute. The Doctor took a big gulp of air, pressed the door panel switch with an unsteady hand, and stepped in expecting the worst.

"Doctor...What were you doing out there?" Rose inquired. Her tone didn't give off the impression of fear, betrayal, or anger. The Doctor, for all intents and purposes, thought that honesty would be the best route to go. Even if that route was fraught with folly.

"I was...I was pleasuring myself Rose." The Doctor replied. His bright blue eyes, looked more like blue spheres of ash than the oceanic hue they usually contained. Rose looked at the palm of his hand, that answered her question. What came next shocked the Doctor, instead of being angry about it, instead of slapping him...Rose motioned with a curling finger for him to join her in bed, The Doctor walked cautiously over to the edge of her mattress, aching to hold her hand. Rose, gathered up one of his hands, and slowly suckled on them. Her tongue moved gracefully around each one, sending shivers of lust through the Doctor, his erection had most definitely returned. Leaving his digits, Rose gave him a coy smile and said

"Is this your way of telling me that you want to go further? I was getting tired of waiting for you Doctor...You know, for a man who has all of the knowledge of time and space, you certainly can be daft at times. I've wanted you for so long, it almost feels like forever...Doctor, please...Take me..." Rose sighed. Rose lifted her t-shirt above her head, revealing an intricately designed red lace bra, the Doctor ached to massage her soft globes. Rose let out a moan of relief when she unhooked the front clasp, releasing her plump and firmed breasts, her nipples had reached a near painful perkiness. Then, without warning or realizing it, clothes were flying everywhere. The Doctor rolled on top of Rose, eager to nip those beautiful buds on her breasts, his teeth scraped over one of them, sending Rose writhing in pleasure...

The principles of lust
are easy to understand
do what you feel
feel until the end
the principles of lust
are burned in your mind
do what you want
do it until you find

The Doctor slided himself deep into Rose's glorious warmth, Rose grabbed him by the shoulders and dug her nails into his skin. The Doctor helped Rose to spread her legs wider, driving himself deeper inside of her, until he was completely sheathed. The Doctor waited until Rose was ready, she simply nodded her head in response, the Doctor gave her a tender smile and slowly thrusted forward. It first started off slow and steady, but soon it had turned into mess of passion. The Doctor pumped faster and faster into Rose, giving her rapidly expanding waves of ecstasy. Rose urged him to continue on going faster, moaning heavily into his ear, her legs firmly set around his hips. The Doctor's eyes burned with lust, it felt like pure heaven, heaven on earth or wherever they were, he couldn't care less. Rose felt her climax approach, with one last thrust, she screamed out his name


The Doctor let out a primal groan of completion as his penis shot out his seed, he eventually collapsed on Rose's bed, hot sweat caked on his skin. Rose whimpered through the aftershocks of such a powerful orgasm, the Doctor, was truly everything she imagined he would be, he was like some primal beast. The Doctor could barely move a muscle, his hearts had really gone through quite the workout, Rose was a tigress in the sack. Rose sighed, letting out a contented giggle, she gathered the Doctor in her arms and kissed his lips softly. The Doctor groaned as he slid himself out of Rose, Rose missing him already. The Doctor didn't know what to say, and it looked like he didn't have to, Rose was fast asleep. The Doctor kissed her forehead gently, holding his beautiful flower close to his chest, protecting her from bad dreams.

"Sweet dreams, Rose...I...I love you."

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