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Title - Rowing with the Best

Characters - Nine/Rose, Jack Harkness

Rating - NC-17

Summary - After a woman throws herself at the Doctor, the Doctor and Rose end up squabbling. Jack being the clever man he is, decides to intervene and locks the Doctor and Rose up in the same room. Will they tear each other apart? Well, let's find out...

Rowing with the Best

"And you're not coming out of there until one or both of you apologize to each other!" Jack shouted. He was sick and tired of dealing with the sound of bickering going on between Rose and the Doctor and it showed no signs of letting up either, so he pulled off another brilliant Harkness manouver. Step one, he pickpocketed the Doctor's sonic screwdriver without the Doctor realizing he didn't have it anymore. Step two, cajole Rose into following him to the TARDIS laundry room, followed soon by the Doctor, then finally he took out the sonic screwdriver and locked them inside! He sauntered off with a gleeful smile painted on his face, laughing at the cries of "get me out of here Jack, or I swear I will kick you out of the TARDIS for good!" from the Doctor and "you're a dead man walkin' Jack if you don't unlock the door!" from Rose.

Rose pounded hard on the metal door with both of her fists, she wanted Jack's flipping head, she was already boiling over with rage at the Doctor, but now she was seething in anger. The Doctor tired of snarling out cuss words, started to kick the door in a useless attempt at trying to get it open he knew better than anyone that the TARDIS doors were kick-proof, but it made him feel better at least. Eventually, the two of them grew tired of injuring themselves for the sake of opening up a door, and stormed off at opposite sides of the laundry room. Rose placed all of her attention on a washing machine, as if it held all of the answers to life, she kept staring intently on it while crossing her arms on her chest.

The Doctor silently fumed, just why in the great Dreniana Nexus was Rose angry with him?! He just couldn't place it, usually he was wonderful at deducing how someone felt, but Rose...Rose was muddling his perception, a talent that she and she alone had. She had an uncanny ability to make him unsure of what he was feeling, he always felt slightly out of step around her, and it sometimes drove him crazy trying to figure out what he was feeling. Unfortunately, it was going to be one of those days where the biggest adventure would be in trying to decipher the Rose code yet again.

Silence, tortured silence creeped into the room, you could almost hear the tension crackling throughout the air. The Doctor had stuffed his hands into his jacket, he wanted nothing more than to say something, but his anger made it impossible to think clearly. Rose, at the other side of the room however, was perfectly alright with spewing her venom out.

"It's all your fault, you know?! Nothing about this is my fault at all, Doctor!" Rose's voice resonated off the walls. The Doctor whipped around and shot Rose an angry glare amazed to find her reflecting his look right back at him, Rose definitely looked like she was ready to throw down at any minute. The Doctor, finally finding his voice again, replied

"What did I do Rose, please, enlighten me! Please tell me what I did that offended you so greatly!" The Doctor's voice vibrating through the air. The Doctor crossed his leather clad arms on his chest, breathing deeply, Rose continued her verbal beatdown.

"You're really daft if you don't know what you did, why can't you see what you did wrong! Do you know how much you hurt me, do you know hard it is to-"

"How hard it is to what Rose, stop tryin' to dodge my questions, I'm tired of playing your game of riddles-"

"Don't you dare go thinkin' that I'm the one playin' games Doctor! What about you, don't you think I'm tired of you givin' me the run around?!" Rose's voice cracked. There was a part of her that wanted to lay down and sob on the floor, but she gritted her teeth and refused to let the Doctor be the victor. The Doctor kept laying down the pressure, he also wasn't ready to throw his hands up in defeat, although there was a part of him eating away at his resolve to keep arguing with Rose. He didn't like, no, dislike was too light a word, he downright hated to see Rose so upset. Knowing that he was the cause of it, made him feel a surge of guilt, a guilt that was threatening his indignation.

"And how have I been giving you the run around, Rose, answer me that!" The Doctor fired off another rebuttal. Rose rushed to his side, yanked him by his jumper, and placed her lips onto his in a fiery and intense kiss. The Doctor's eyes widened, suddenly his hearts were thrown into overdrive, this wasn't what he had anticipated at all! Rose's hands groped madly at his jumper, almost like she was trying to rip it off his body, what she wasn't ready for was the Doctor responding so well to the kiss. The Doctor darted his tongue into her wet mouth, he couldn't stop himself, there was something so animal and visceral in kissing. It was doing something to his body, his brain sending signals down to his abdomen, a blaze of fire entering his loins all consuming and violent.

Rose pulled off his leather jacket, the Doctor making no moves to stop her. With one fluid motion, it was sent flying and landed on the floor. The Doctor found that kissing wasn't enough, there was another part of his body that craved Rose's heat, he had never wanted her more. The Doctor's lips tore away from hers, his tongue licked the flesh of her neck, Rose craned her head back and gripped tightly onto the back of his jumper. The Doctor sucked hard on her neck, garnering a quite dirty sound from Rose's mouth. The Doctor whirled Rose around, his mouth leaving her neck, he smirked when his eyes looked down at the mark he had left. This would prove to everyone that Rose was his, that no one could ever be able to touch her again. Not Ricky the idiot, not Jack the conman, no one but him.

Rose was left breathless, standing on two very wobbly legs, no man had ever kissed her like that! Rose wanted much more, she wanted his everything. What really made her angry, what really made her mad as hell, was that other woman throwing herself at the Doctor. Yes, when it came to that kind of attention, Rose was rather selfish, she wanted all of his attention placed on her. No if's, and's, or but's about it! What drove her into pure rage was how incredibly and completely attracted she was him, and how he was ignorant about it! Rose couldn't help but snap, all of this passion and lust was causing her to short circuit, something had to give.

'Doctor...Shag me..." Rose moaned. She unzipped her hoodie, throwing off to the side, her breasts firmed and nipples painfully erect behind her tank top as her arousal radiated outwards. The Doctor swallowed hard, feeling his penis swell inside of his jeans, his blood running fast through his veins. Without saying a word, the Doctor got to work on removing Rose's skirt. He quickly unbuttoned her skirt, said skirt pooling around her feet, revealing a pair of soaked pink lace panties. He inhaled the scent of her arousal, a cocktail of hormones and want and emotion flooded his senses. With a pair of strong hands and arms, he lifted her up onto the dryer, fingers dragging her panties down to her feet, her panties hanging off of her left foot. Rose spread her legs open as wide as she could, and with nothing to stop him, the Doctor took his middle finger and stroked the inside of her vagina.

Rose arched her back, feeling hot tingles all over her body, his finger skillfully teasing her. Rose placed a hand on her right breast, rubbing the tip of her nipple, she whimpered in delight. The Doctor batted her hand away from her breast and sucked on her tit hard and bit down on it, yanking it slightly. The air from Rose's lungs suddenly evacuated, she let out a strained moan, the Doctor pleased with his work trailed from her breast down to her abdomen. The Doctor felt a burst to his ego when he saw how wet Rose was, she was positively dripping, he wanted to taste her wetness. He gently pulled her folds apart and started to attack her clitoris with his tongue, Rose's body thrusted forward, which only further enhanced the overpowering pleasure she was recieving.

"Aaahh! Mmm, yes...Oh god, oh fuck!" Rose moaned out loud, the Doctor groped her hips, holding her down in place. Rose had certainly no idea how amazing his nose would feel, stroking the inner walls of her pussy. She always fantasized about this happening, but never thought that it would actually come into the realms of reality! The Doctor rapidly licked around everywhere he could inside of Rose, lapping up all of her sweet juices, oh, oh how she tasted so sweet. Rose could feel her orgasm approaching, she urged the Doctor to keep going, and with one more swift tongue whirl, she clenched her body as her orgasm finally hit her. It wasn't enough, Rose wanted more, much more!

"Doctor! Please, I need you inside of me!" Rose cried out in rapturous lust, the Doctor lifted himself up on his feet, and unzipped his jeans, he stepped out of them, his underwear followed shortly after that. The Doctor groaned in relief as his penis was finally released from its prison, he panted out the words

"Rose, turn around...Now!" The Doctor himself feeling extreme amounts of arousal, the sound of Rose moaning and crying out cuss words was like a supernova of lust being injected into his body. Rose slid off the dryer and bent herself over the dryer, the Doctor spread open her entrance and shoved his penis hard into her warmth. Rose gripped tightly onto the top of the dryer as her breasts were pressed hard against the cool surface of the dryer, eyes wide and full as every inch of her vagina was filled up. The Doctor locked his hands around her hips like a vice, and started to pump his penis in and out of Rose, Rose cried out his name!

The Doctor smirked, that's right, that's what he wanted to hear. Rose urged him to go faster, not a problem for him, the Doctor pumped faster and faster, which garnered deeper and louder moans from Rose. The Doctor couldn't get enough of Rose's vagina, she was so tight, she felt so good! The Doctor bit down on his bottom lip, groaning out in pleasure. Rose tried her best to keep her voice down, but her mind was lost now, instead she was practically screaming in euphoric bliss. The Doctor's hands wandered from her hips and landed on the small of her back, his eyes now clamped shut as he pounded as fast as he could. It was only a matter of time before they both would be sent over the edge together, the Doctor voice came out rough and raspy when he called out to Rose

"Rose, cum...Cum for me Rose!" The Doctor's northern baritone sounded much stronger than usual. Eventually, Rose did as requested, as the Doctor thrusted one more time. Rose's vagina clenched around the Doctor's penis and milked him dry, the Doctor slowed to a stop, his head meeting Rose's back. The two of them stayed like that in the afterglow, not saying a word. The Doctor was the first to speak

"If all fights are resolved like this, I won't mind..."

Rose couldn't help but laugh, the Doctor joined in with her, slowly the Doctor withdrew himself from Rose, which made her a little bit sad. She loved that feeling of being full, especially being filled by the Doctor. Safe to say, the two of them were on the same page with each other now. There was no denying that both of them had wanted to shag each others brains out, Rose got that message loud and clear. The Doctor and Rose slowly helped each get dressed, Rose had a tough time standing, the Doctor had really given it to her. The Doctor kissed her lips, much more softly this time, he stroked her sweat dampened hair and placed his forehead on hers.

"Rose...In case you haven't already guessed...You don't have to worry, you're the only woman to make me feel like this, do you know how long I've kept this longing a secret...It was driving me crazy...I haven't felt like this in so long, I haven't felt the urge to fornicate in who knows how long. That sayin', I hope I wasn't too rough..." The Doctor looked at her with his blue eyes filled to the brim with tenderness, even though it felt amazing, he hoped that he didn't push Rose too far. Rose shook her head, giggling softly, she didn't mind it at all.

"You didn't hurt me at all Doctor, you felt amazing and absolutely fantastic. I just didn't think that you looked at me in the same way I look at you...I've wanted you like I've never wanted anyone before. You're my Doctor..." Rose kissed the tip of his nose, the Doctor gave her an ear to ear grin, the two of them held onto each other in contented bliss. They were soon brought back down to reality when Jack knocked on the door, they could hear him ask them from the other side of the door "have you two kissed and made up yet?"

They looked at each other for a moment, and then bowled over in laughter!

"In more ways than one." They both muttered in unison.

Date: 2012-03-04 03:18 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Well that was hot. It all seemed a bit quick, but given the pent-up lusting that seems very befitting of the two. Haha, I loved it, which is saying something because in all honesty I tend to stray away from 9/Rose. After a traumatic read on a very bad fanfic, it scared me away, but this might just have been the proper medicine! A few words sounded a bit odd, but it absolutely didn't detract from the pounding - in more ways than one - storyline ;D I loved Jack in this oh-so much, the mischievous rascal, that seems like something he'd do! This was great, and here's the obligatory, "Keep it up!" because you deserve it!

Date: 2012-03-04 03:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks a bunch anon, I hope that I can proceed to make even more hot fics like this!


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